A Simple Way to Time Block and Get Sh*t Done

How many of you have started setting your goals for the new year? I just recently set mine and have started implementing a new time blocking strategy I call "The Microwave Challenge".  It's a super simple way to stay focused and to get tasks done.

Whether you are single, married, have kids, run a business or whatever, we all have things (big and small) that just have to get done. My most difficult struggle is time blocking effectively and getting things done efficiently.  Here's a trick that helps me stay focused...

When I am trying to get something done and it’s my least favorite thing I set the timer on the microwave for how long it should take and press start. I push myself to get it done in that time frame. I’ve found I actually like it because it feels like I am completing a challenge to win vs doing something I hate.  

Of course you could use the timer on your phone (or any timer for that matter) but I like using the microwave...

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