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I am 100% confident that we can accomplish more on one phone call together than you will surfing the web for hours.  Don't wait! Get the answers you're looking for. 


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My name is Christy Duckett-Harris.  I am a real estate investor and coach.  Before any of that I am a farmers daughter who was taught their entire life to work hard, get good grades, go to college and then get to work.  And I did.  I graduated with a Psychology degree from Radford University, had a corporate job (making someone else wealthy), and worked 60 hours a week (rat race).  I knew in my heart of hearts that if I wanted to live a purposeful life, one filled of meaning, passion and experiences then I had to do something different.  


To help change my life's trajectory I decided to start investing in myself and real estate. I invested in my education. I invested in systems to help me collapse timeframes.  I was all in!  I was fixing and flipping houses, selling wholesale deals, buying rental properties, you name it.  Then, somewhere along the way, I discovered a niche that many call "real estates best kept secret"... Mobile Home Investing.  


Over the past 10+ years I have spoken to thousands of people and worked directly with hundreds of investors one-on-one, coaching them on how to invest in real estate.  What blows them away more than anything else is the strategy of mobile home investing. 


The topic of mobile home investing always creates curiosity.  As my father told me growing up (and now tells my two children) curiosity is the root of all learning.  There's many similarities between single family houses and mobile homes.  But there's also some major differences.  It's those differences that make understanding this niche so effective when it comes to investing in mobile homes.


Congratulations on making the time and the commitment to yourself and your family to seek out what it is that you're looking for.  As a busy mom, wife, coach, and business owner, I understand that time is of the essence.  You will find that everything I say and do is direct and to the point.


I know that the resources I provide could open doors, that for some, may have never thought possible.  We weren't born to be ships passing in the night when it comes to our family, loved ones, and callings.  Investing in real estate has allowed me to be able to fulfill one of my callings, helping others.  If I can help my students achieve financial freedom or heck, even gain an extra shot of confidence in themselves, then to me it's totally worth it.  Plus, now I can tell my father he didn't waste all that money on my Psychology degree! Helping others is what I'm passionate about. I look forward to helping you!

Award Winning Coach

  • 2012 Fortune Builders Lead & Inspire Award Winner
  • 2013 Fortune Builders Lead & Inspire Award Winner
  • 2016 Fortune Builders Coach of the Year Winner
  • 2017 Fortune Builders Most Students Coached Award Winner
  • 2018 Fortune Builders "Crush it!" Award Winner


For over 10 years Christy Duckett has spoken to thousands of real estate investors throughout the United States and Canada.  She is a 5X guest speaker at the most powerful real estate conference of the year, Real Estate Ignite.  Christy shares her experiences on being a woman, wife and mom in real estate.  She is an award winning coach who has mastered what it takes to balance the chaotic life of family and business. Christy is heavily sought after for her knowledge on rehabbing, passive income properties, and mobile home investing. 

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What are people Saying...

"Really appreciate the helping me break the big vision down into simple actionable next steps and taking it one step at a time and reverse engineering from my specific goals and accelerated needs/wants rather than treating it like a one size fits all coaching program. Thank you for caring about me as a person it really makes such a difference to have support."

"Christy always gives me a point in the absolute right direction (sometimes more like a loving shove ... she knows when I need it)! During our call this morning, I felt great that I could report back to her that I had accomplished a subtantial list of activities per her instructions from a couple weeks ago. She had laid down the truth of what I really needed to do, (and what I needed to stop doing), and hence I feel I made great progress over the past 10 days or so. "

"Enjoy our calls. Thanks for keeping me accountable."

"very personable, provided step by step / concise guidance, open to questions, provided resource reminders"

"Appreicate your help so much, thank you for the insight and providing connections for my home refinance and pointing me in the right direction with where to start... the action items make it so helpful to narrow down and prioritize and stay big picture."

"Great to run all of these items by you Christy snd to get your perspective. It means a lot to have you confirm that we are on the right track."

"We look forward to working more with Christy as she is very knowledgeable and loves to see people take action. Thank you Christy!!!"

"THANK YOU CHRISTY! Felt so good to break the ice and have someone to talk to and help me make a viable plan to move forward in life and in business. I just know I'm in the right capable hands and on the right path."

"Christy continues guide us in this closing process and SOW. She is awesome"

"Christy is great. On this phone call, MY energy was down, and I was beginning to feel discouraged. I really needed a "mindset" adjustment. Christy really kicked me in the butt on this last call (in a very good way), and told me to get focused on my training on the FB website. I'm taking that action, and I believe it's paying off. Thank you,"

:Christy, for having the courage and directness to tell it to me like it is. THAT is exactly what I needed from this last call! The "Better Than Expected" score this week is because I was so down that I wasn't expecting much. In other words, I came out at the end of the call "better than I expected ... in fact, way better!" Christy sensed I needed a firm hand, and "broke my state of mind," and got me back on track ... SHE, indeed, CRUSHED IT as she always does!"

"Christy was amazing! I truly felt like I've known her for years. I look forward to speaking to her soon and continuing this journey with her in my corner. I'm beyond grateful."

"Christy has such great knowledge and positive energy. We love her creativeness and experience in working in the real estate industry, specifically with AirBNB’s. We will surely continue to work with Christy to ensure we have success in this arena! Great job Christy!"

"Our discussions are very valuable so that we know we are on the right track."

"I always learn during our session"

"Words can't explain how much help Coach Christy brings us with her motivational coaching style and her knowledge of the program. One more thing that makes her stand out is her availability. She always punctual, and responds to messages. Thank you for all your assistance and superior coaching! Coach you are amazing! THANKS!!!"

"Christy always amazes me with how much she knows. On this call, she directed me towards ways I might track down owners of abandoned properties, and always leads on potential hard money lenders (getting me into position to do that first big deal)! "

"Wonderful, great, fantastic, so inspiring and supportive. Just what the “doctor” ordered. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Love love her method of coaching very informative and takes it step by step!!!"

"Coach Christy is amazing and a huge wealth of knowledge. Her inspiration is unmeasurable. Thank you for the guidance and support. Thanks Coach!!"

"Great first call! Christy definitely set the bar high for our expectations on coaching calls. Got all our questions answered and a guide on our next immediate steps."

"Christy is such an asset! We had a lot to cover today and she crushed it. She always knows what I am asking and why I am asking it. She gave me so many helpful hints today and confirmed in my mind answers to my questions. Very eye-opening and helpful call. Very solutions-oriented and methodical--just what I need to stay on track and move forward at a good pace. Thank you so much for your dedication to your students. It shows!"

"Christy provided a tremondous amount of beneficial information during our 30min call. Thank you.
Loved Christy! Her energy is amazing and we definitely look forward to speaking with her on many occasions! Thank you for being so great!"

"I received great support from my Coach. Christy gave me the information I needed to go to the next level in business path. Thank you, Christy!"

"She was to the point and direct with answering questions and gave good advise as to what to do next and how."

"It was a pleasure to have a coaching call with Christy today. She quickly honed in on my personality and learning style and was able to measure my progress, prioritize all the "stuff" swimming around in my head, answered quickly and thoroughly all of my questions, and gave me great action steps for the upcoming week. Now I feel less overwhelmed. :
"She very much "got" me."

"Great call! It was awesome speaking with Christy today- it was exactly what we needed to get rejuvenated and excited for our business again! Christy is very friendly, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable. We loved the fact she could relate with us and our business. Her notes and action steps are helpful to get us back on track with our studies. We look forward to our next call with Christy! Thank you!!"

"Christy is an amazing coach! So helpful and always willing to answer all my questions!"

"She was great, supportive and a great resource and encouragement."

"Christy, as always, crushed it! She's really perceptive, and is super good at detecting my levels of frustration, and then points in the right direction to resolve whatever the problem is. As I continue on this journey, I seem to have more and more questions than answers, and that means I always have a handful of question written down in anticipation of my next coaching call with Christy. She always takes the time to address my questions, and she always has the answers ... what a pro! This past call, I found the information on where and how to download pics too complete my credibility packets to be especially a life saver."

"Christy Duckett for President!"

"She is SO amazing to work with! She’s so helpful and motivating. Every call Christy she helps guide me and come up with a plan for my next steps!"

"Our creative juices were just flowing and we received lots of insightful ideas we plan on implementing. Always super pumped when we get off the phone with Christy!"

"Christy was full of energy and terrific insight! We felt this call was very valuable and look forward to staying connected to CRUSH IT in AirBNB’s! Thanks Christy for a great call!"

"Christy is always so positive and so helpful with any and every thing that I discuss with her. I'm very grateful to be working with such an upbeat and knowledgeable person!"

"Can't stress enough how helpful Christy is! Really supportive in any way possible."

"Christy understands exactly what my partner and I are doing to get up and running. I really appreciate her knowledge and willingness to speak to our situation, and guide us step by step! She is awesome!"

:What can I say: SHE'S THE BEST!!!!!!! Crushes it every time."

:Christy is doing a great job, her upbeat personality and expertise is what I need to stay focused.

Christy continues to provide me with great specific and direction-oriented guidance and assignments. And, she continues to re-energize and inspire me to move forward confidently!"

"Christy is such a huge help! Really appreciate all the notes she gives and make me feel confident on the steps to take."

"Literally, one of the best supporting beginners in mastery like myself. I wrote down some roadblocks that I needed to understand alittle more in-deph. Christy was able to clear the way by using examples and different strategies that we could use to move forward. #thankful "

"Christy is super informative, and also very encouraging! I needed some reassurance, and a good "pep talk" type boost, and she gave that to me in spades! I feel very supported and encouraged by her. Appreciate you, Coach Christy!!!"


"Christy really focused me, putting me on a clear forward path in a logical organized way. I found her energy and insight to be inspirational, and felt increased confidence after our coaching session. Greatly looking forward to working with her again as soon as possible!"

"Coach Christy is amazing. She has coached, guided and encouraged us in this entire setup process. We actually panicked when we didn't see any available hours on her calendar. She, as the amazing coach she is, found us a time and we CRUSHED it! She answered all our questions!"

"Thanks Coach we truly hope to meet you in person some day to thank you for everything face to face!"



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