A Simple Way to Time Block and Get Sh*t Done

How many of you have started setting your goals for the new year? I just recently set mine and have started implementing a new time blocking strategy I call "The Microwave Challenge".  It's a super simple way to stay focused and to get tasks done.

Whether you are single, married, have kids, run a business or whatever, we all have things (big and small) that just have to get done. My most difficult struggle is time blocking effectively and getting things done efficiently.  Here's a trick that helps me stay focused...

When I am trying to get something done and it’s my least favorite thing I set the timer on the microwave for how long it should take and press start. I push myself to get it done in that time frame. I’ve found I actually like it because it feels like I am completing a challenge to win vs doing something I hate.  

Of course you could use the timer on your phone (or any timer for that matter) but I like using the microwave timer for a couple reasons:

#1 It's not on my phone so I'm less distracted if I check the time remaining I don't get sidetracked by phone calls or messages.

#2 My family can see it.  They know that if the timer is running that mommy is working on something and will be done when the time runs up.

#3  It's up high and my kids can't reach it. 

I also have started enforcing it with my 4 year old. I told him mommy needs 30 min to get something done you play for 30 min and after that we will go to the playground and guess what?!? It works! 

Boom! Challenge yourself everyday with something new and make it happen!

-Coach Christy


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