REAL LIFE! How to Find the Time!


I get it.

As a mom, wife, and business owner it's easy to feel all over the place. Grocery shopping, laundry, paying bills, picking the kids up at school are not exactly a part of our big picture goals but all of that (and then some) has to get done.  Here are some tricks to help you stay laser focused and get better results in less time.   

High performers have found a lot of success in creating daily to-do lists that coincide with their goals.  This will help create clarity between home and business.  The key here is doing it on a consistent basis.  Create a routine or habit of writing down your yearly, quarter, monthly, weekly, & daily goals and the results will follow.   

Step #1:  Put it on a list 
First off, everything I just mentioned as far as taking care of the household and kids, absolutely needs to go on our daily to-do list.  If it's something that needs to get done or that we will ineveitably...
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