Parents Make Great Entrepreneurs. 3 Tips on Taking Your Skills at Home Into Your Business.

I just walked into the room only to find my nightstands had been knocked over and the mattress is half way on the box spring.  Sheets and blankets are nowhere to be found.  My three year old son is jumping on what's left of the bed and singing, "Ba ba black sheep have you any wool?"  It's only 6 pm and these kids are wound up like a couple of wild horses.  I just asked my husband if he could print out a real estate contract and he gave me a look as if I asked him to complete a mission to the moon. Oh, and I just made everyone tacos.   You're welcome.

Is it just my kids that are like this?  "No, no, it's because I have boys"  I tell myself.  My mom always said I was so busy as a child.  When I was a younger she would tell me how she couldn't wait for the day that I had kids.  Now I know what she meant.   My kids are just being how I was; it's in the DNA.  She wanted payback and she got it.  I shake...

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