We all need to "REUP" from time to time!

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2021

What do you want to REUP?  New Strategies, Motivation, Connections, income streams? 

Whatever it is, get your fill at this upcoming event March 5th - 6th in Columbia, SC.  Hosted by real estate investor (and my husband) Noah Harris, the REUP is like quickly becoming a famously hot real estate event.  

All Star Lineup Includes: 
John Kitchens 
MeiLani Hock
Michael Glaspie
JoAnna Anderson
Jamie Miller
Mandie "Money" Anderson
Stephen Nagy
Jacob Barnhill
David Bergmann
Noah Harris (Host)
and Yes....I'll be there too! 

We are talking all things cash flow and multiple streams of income.  Raising Capital, Airbnb investment panel, creative financing panel, legacy building and more!  

This might look like a HUGE event but the REUP has limited seating.  Tickets will sell out and right now they are BOGO! Buy 1 Ticket and Get 1 Ticket Free.  
To learn more visit and reserve your seats visit...

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