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Each session has a training topic that is discussed by local and/or industry experts.


REUP creates an environment that makes it easy to meet other like minded people and build your team of professionals.


We believe that personal growth is just as important as financial growth.

Past Instructors & Panelists


Investing in Mobile and Manufactured Homes

Columbia native and world class real estate coach Christy Duckett-Harris breaks down ways to create multiple streams of income.  Christy is joining the REUP Renovation Panel and teaching How to invest in Mobile Homes.

Funding Deals with Private Money Lending

Learn the exact system that Noah uses to raise capital for fix and flips right here in the Midlands.  Noah shares 7 steps to establishing credibility with lenders. Plus, how to become a private lender and keep an investment secure.

Going Big! 

John Dessauer has experience investing in apartment buildings, SFR, office buildings, and raw land.  He's the owner of Oppenheimer Realty Capital, lending company.  As well as, Anton Agency & Anton Asset Management, a brokerage firm that operates in Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina and Florida.  He's written 4 books and hosted a national radio show on Sirius XM. 

Conscious Communication

Do you believe that communication is important?   Once a person becomes conscious (and has a game plan) of the words they use, that's when the "magic" happens.  Learn how to become conscious when talking with sellers, private lenders, and buyers.  

Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery

Stephen Nagy is a real estate & financial professional and partner at The Money School.  Come learn how top income earners leverage their favorite financial vehicles. This session will blow your mind.  Anyone can get started in this wealth building strategy.  Want to flip the script on the bank? How about Becoming Your Own Bank?

Understanding the Probate Process & Trusts

70 Million+ Baby Boomers are getting older and experiencing the probate process.  As investors and agents, the better we can understand the probate process, the easier it is to help people. 

Who better to learn from than a certified estate planning, probate law specialist, and former Associate Probate Judge? Since 2005, Ms. Kirby has been designated by the Supreme Court of South Carolina as a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and Probate Law.

REUP on Leadership and Wellness

April Lewis shares how to cultivate work-life balance, focus, and a sense of fulfillment. April serves as a keynote speaker and wellness consultant for Fortune 100 companies, healthcare organizations, and education institutions across the nation.

Flipping The Carolinas 

JoAnna Anderson is real estate investor, agent, and coach in NC, SC and Virginia.  Learn the systems JoAnna has in place for handing multiple projects in multiple states.  She's joining the REUP Renovation Panel. 

Lead Generation for Investors

Learn the step by step system that allows real estate investor and wholesaler Corey Griffin to create a lifestyle by design.  Want more deal flow? Look no further!

Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

Jacob Barnhill has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Real Estate.  Learn how Jacob creates multiple streams of income by leveraging both Agent and Investor Systems for Lead Generation.

Getting Started with Commercial Real Estate

Mike Glaspie is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Charlotte, NC. He served ten years in the US Army, with a majority spent in Special Operations as a Green Beret. Mike is the best selling author of “The Elite Investor: A Military Approach to Real Estate Problem Solving”

Learn strategies for finding, funding, managing and selling commercial real estate.

Secrets to Managing Airbnb Rentals

Time to 10x cashflow!  Get the inside scoop on one of real estates hottest topics.  Columbia's #1 Short Term Rental Property Manager, David Bergmann is joining our REUP Property Management Panel from a short term rental perspective.

Leveraging Podcasts to Grow Your Network

Jen Josey is making it REIGN at The REUP.  Jen is the found of the Real Estate Investor Growth Network! Get plugged in!

Leadership Secrets For Real Estate Investor Pros

Learn leadership and team culture secrets from one of the Nation's Top Coaches, John Kitchens. 

The Real Estate Event You Don't Want To Miss!

Get Plugged In

REUP is a great way to build your team.  Attendees can meet and network with other investors, real estate agents, contractors, loan officers, closing attorneys and other real estate professionals. Save time and stress by getting plugged in. 

Learn and Grow

REUP provides "High level learning with down to Earth instructors".  Learn today's hottest strategies from instructors and topic panels.  Raising Capital for funding deals, investing with Airbnb properties, legacy building, cashflow strategies, and much more!  All experience levels are welcome!

Build Your Legacy

REUP provides action steps to help implement what is taught.  Instructors focus on taking action and not only building wealth but preserving it for future generations. 

Let's Go!

This REUP event is designed to help people create multiple streams of income.  We are teaching some of 2022’s hottest real estate cash flow strategies.

Financial Education

Our whole life we are taught to go to school, get good grades, graduate college, and work the same job for 40 years.  People who ran that race are approaching the finish line and realizing that they don’t have enough money saved for retirement.  We believe that a financial education is just as important as a traditional education.  It’s not only how much a person makes, but how much they keep and how much continues to flow into their life.

Columbia is on Fire

There’s never been a more important time to invest in real estate than right now.  People from all over the country have their eye on Columbia, SC.  We have all the ingredients. just named Columbia “The best place to flip a home”.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Put Yourself in a Position to Succeed

We’ve invited industry experts and leaders to join us as instructors and topic panelist.  Learn what we are doing and the people we are doing it with to create cashflow and preserve our family legacy. Get plugged in with our network.

Learn How The Pros Generate Leads

Get a firsthand look at the step by step process used by professional investors and real estate agents to generate leads.  The REUP will feature TWO sessions on lead generation that is sure to make an impact for both agents and investors alike. 

 Learn How To Fund Deals

What if money for deals was no longer an issue?  This event kicks off with learning how to raise private money lending with one of the best in the business.  A dedicated private money lending session plus funding resources and connections will be on site. 

All Things AirBNB & Property Management

What if a person didn’t have to own dozens of rental properties in order to hit their cash flow goals?  Learn how local investors 10X their rental income through AirBNB investing.  Learn with our expert property management panel on how to invest in AirBNB properties and long term rentals. We have Columbia’s #1 vacation rental property manager joining our property management panel. 

Renovating for Profit

Learn with our Renovation Panel that consists of fix and flip investors and contractors.  Gain insight on how to hire great people for your projects and the documents that they use to keep all parties safe, paid, and on time. 

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Begin with the end in mind. What do you want your life to look like? Too many times people waste years off of their life climbing the wrong ladder.  They get to the top and realize that it’s not what they wanted. Having multiple streams of income gives people options and freedom.  Learn how to invest with a goal of having multiple streams of income.

 Become The Bank

We all have access to the same financial tools.  The wealthy just use those tools differently.  Come learn how to income earners leverage their favorite financial vehicles to create their cash flow and their legacy.  It's time to flip the script on the bank, maybe even becoming one.  Learn a strategy that anyone can implement, yet seems to be kept a secret by the super wealthy. 

 Set Up Your Estate

Learn the steps necessary for proper estate planning.  What are the Pros and Cons of buying real estate in your own name or your LLC name.  Is there a better way? Are you properly protected?  Do you have privacy?  Get these questions answered by our favorite CPA, LAWYER, and FORMER ASSOCIATE PROBATE JUDGE, Angela Kirby. 


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