The Mobile Home Course

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In the Workshop we will learn:

  • Flipping manufactured homes
  • Wholesaling mobile homes
  • Understanding mobile home paperwork
  • Must knows for buying mobile homes on land
  • Identify value-add opportunitiesĀ 
  • Understand how to finance your purchase
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Have You Ever Thought That Mobile Homes Could Be a Great Investment? But Didn't Know How To Get Started?

I've personally helped hundreds of students one on one and spoken to thousands of people on how to get started investing in real estate.  What intrigues them more than anything is how I got started investing in mobile and manufactured homes.

I Was Told to Stay Away From Mobile Homes

Early on in my real estate career, I only invested in "regular" houses.  "Stay Away"! That's what people (who I had considered to be mentors of mine) told me.  Yet, something in my gut told me that there was an opportunity there.  Their intentions were good - I just didn't think they knew much about them.   Somebody was making money with them, why not me?

Never Been  Much of a Follower

Over a decade ago I moved to South Carolina.  As I planted my real estate investing roots in new territory, I kept coming across more and more mobile home leads!  It was time to take action!  I heeded my mentors advice, but then went for it anyways. The value of having a real estate education had paid off, but now I needed a mobile home education.

This is What I Learned

I began immersing myself in the mobile home world.  I met mobile home movers, dealers, park managers, investors, you name it - I was interviewing them.  I was fortunate enough to learn directly from mobile home legend Lonnie Scruggs and was invited into what I called this underground mobile home investors group.  At the time there wasn't a lot of information out there.  I hit the pavement and put in the work to figure this strategy out.  I learned that the mobile home world has a strategy for anyone.  If you want - I can share it with you. 

This is What I Can Teach You

If you are someone who wants to break into real estate investing using mobile homes - this course can help you.  If you are someone who wants to figure out what to do with mobile home leads that you may be getting in your real estate business - this course can help you.  I've built this course to be a foundation to a persons mobile home investing education.   

Mobile Home Investing

Made Simple

  • Foundational Training Modules
  • 30+ Video Lessons with bonus lessons added regularly
  • Deal Calculator for flips, seller finance and rental Analysis
  • Mobile Home Repair Cost Checklist
  • Case Study Lessons
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Module 1: Getting Started

Why Investors Love Mobile Homes

Understanding the Different Types of Mobile Homes

Where to Park Your Mobile Home

Different Types of Mobile Home Parks

Module 2: Six Strategies

Must Know Mobile Home Strategies

How to Cash Flow Without Owning the Land

Sell For a Profit and Cash Flow at the Same Time

Wholesaling Mobile and Manufactured Homes 

What's a Land & Home Deal Swap Out

Renovating for a Fix and Flip

Selling Rent Ready Mobile Homes to Investors

Deal Calculator


Christy's spreadsheet for analyzing rentals, seller financing deals and fix & flip opportunities.

Repair Checklists


This powerful tool helps an investor  estimate repairs for mobile home rental properties and flips. 

Module 3:  Must Knows

Knowledge that Makes a Big Difference

What is the Paperwork Process

The Documents an Investor Will Want

How to Turn a Mobile Home Into Real Property

Where Can We Move a Mobile Home

Who Moves the Mobile Home

What's a Dealers License, How do Taxes Work, and so Much More!

Module 4: Finding Deals

Fundamental Marketing with a Mobile Home Twist

What Type of Motivated Sellers to Focus On

Mobile Home Relationships that Bring Investors Deals

Christy's 4 Favorite Marketing Strategies

Action Steps to Take

Example Marketing


Downloadable marketing pieces as well as examples of what to say when looking for deals.

Ability to Ask Questions


Students have the ability to ask questions at the end of each training video.

"Manufactured Homes are Affordable. 

Now, learning how to invest in them is too!"



On Demand Course

  • The Mobile Home Course ($99 Value)
  • Foundational Training Modules
  • 30+ Video Lessons on Mobile Home Investing
  • Deal Calculator for flips, seller finance and rental Analysis
  • Repair Cost Checklist
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Learn How to Invest in Mobile and Manufactured Homes

If you ever thought that mobile homes could be a good investment, you were on to something!  The time to learn this strategy is RIGHT NOW!

Zac Hernandez

Orlando, FL

"Christy was extremely helpful assisting me with buying my first mobile home park.  I thought I knew enough since I had plenty of experience investing in real estate, but purchasing this type of property was a completely different animal. Not only was she able to help me analyze the income and expenses, Christy had excellent ideas on how to create the highest and best value for the park.  I am truly grateful for her help as she was able to point things out that I hadn't considered".


On Demand Learning


It's Great for Beginners

Mobile homes typically have lower price points which could mean less capital upfront.  This is great for investors looking to renovate and flip or buy and hold for cashflow.  This could lead to higher cash on cash returns!

Experienced Investors Can Diversify

Affordable housing will always be in demand.  Just like a stock investor diversifies his or her stock portfolio, a real estate investor can do the same with their real estate portfolio. Mobile homes can be a great option for investors who fix and flip, as well as investors who buy and hold for cash flow. Don't get caught with all your properties in one basket.

Designed NOT to Overwhelm

If a person has never owned a mobile home, I do not recommend starting off by buying an entire mobile home park.  This course lays out the basics of flipping and renting individual homes.  I've broken it down into just a couple of hours and provide resources for my students to ask questions.  

I Can Relate

As a busy person, time is my most valuable asset.  If you're looking for a course with hundreds of hours of video and audio CDs then this is not the course for you.  But if you are looking for a course that can help someone get started investing in mobile homes or give a person a better understanding of the opportunity with mobile homes - then this is the course.  


Christy's Deal Calculator

Easy to use tool for running numbers on fix and flips, seller financing deals and rental property analysis.  This tool helps factor in set up costs, lot rent, and anything else, mobile home specific.  


Mobile Home Lead Sheet

Know what questions to ask when talking to a seller.  Don't hang up the phone only to wonder if something was missed.  Be thorough, efficient and build confidence.  Use this cheat sheet to make sure all the right questions are asked. 


Mobile Home Repair Cost Checklist

Go line item by line item down this checklist to help estimate repair costs.  Checklist is available to print in PDF format or plug your numbers into an excel spreadsheet.


Frequently Asked Questions