LEARN with Christy! Monthly VIRTUAL Meetup announced!

christyduckett coaching Jan 30, 2021

Kick off your shoes, relax, and come learn real estate with me!  I'll be leading the South Carolina Super Group for REI-USA and dropping some serious knowledge on ALL THINGS REAL ESTATE.  Every month! 

What exactly does that mean?  And what exactly is REI-USA?  

This means that I'll be hosting a virtual real estate training once a month for investors all over the USA.  My group is called the South Carolina Super Group.  While we may have SC roots - I'm going to be teaching techniques and strategies that apply in all 50 states.  Anyone can tune in and get a ton of value. 

This meetup is hosted by a nationwide online education and networking platform named REI-USA.  This is a great company that offers affordable real estate education, networking, and resources.   As a member of REI-USA you can join my group and take advantage of all the things that REI-USA has to offer.  The membership is extremely affordable. For more details to register CLICK HERE

Upcoming Training Topics in my group will include: 

  • Private Money Lending
  • Wholesaling
  • Working with Contractors
  • Passive Income
  • Air BnB and VRBO Rentals
  • Mobile Home Investing
  • Financial Literacy for Teens
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Note Buying
  • Marketing for Deals
  • and so much more...

We will be meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every Month.  First meetup is scheduled for February 18th 2021. To Register CLICK HERE

I have over 10+ years of real estate experience and have been coaching others since 2012 on how to invest in real estate.  Leverage my knowledge and connections and learn from some of the brightest real estate investors in the country.  Hope to see you there!


Happy Investing!


Christy Duckett-Harris


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