Columbia, SC Networking Event

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2021
REUP offers a unique opportunity to network and learn with local real estate investors and professionals. This is a FREE event.

About this event

Network, Learn, and Grow.

Come learn about real estate investing in a fun and friendly environment. Each event kicks off with networking and is followed up by an education session taught by an industry and/or local expert. New, experienced, or “soon to be” real estate investors are welcome. Refreshments are provided. Come as you are.

Upcoming Panel Topic: Sales and Negotiations with Communications Coach, Jamie Miller.

We can all get better when it comes to sales and negotiations!

  • How do you approach price with a seller?
  • How do you approach price with a buyer?
  • Are the questions you're asking actually KILLING your deals?
  • Is there a better way to build relationships with Contractors, Closing Attorneys, and Real Estate Agents and other real estate professionals?

Come Learn The Art of Conscious Communication with Guest Speaker Jamie Miller.


6:00-6:30 PM Networking

6:30-7:45 PM Guest Speaker, Communications Coach Jamie Miller

7:45-9:00 PM Networking / Q&A Session


What to Bring

- Something to help you take notes

- A positive mindset

- A Desire to grow


 Here's a snippet from an interview Noah did with Jamie earlier this year! Check it out and I'll see you there! 

Happy Investing

Coach Christy


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