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reup Apr 09, 2022


It's not a conference.  Summit, symposium, seminar, they all sounds the same and none of those labels seem to fit the bill.  

The REUP is different.  

Ask any of The REUP participants and they will tell you the same.  The REUP is just that, it's  "The REUP".  Like Coke is to soda or Xerox is to making a copy, The REUP is becoming synonymous with learning, networking, and growing with high level, down to Earth people. 

It's awesome to see and even cooler to be a part of. 

For two days, experienced investors join expert panels or speak on various real estate, wealth building, and person growth topics.  Whether a person's goals are to add an extra stream of income or flip 100 houses, The REUP helps put people in a position to succeed.  The best part is, everyone is clapping for one another.  

The goal of The REUP is to help one another get what they need.  Does someone need to "REUP" their...

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Can you AirBNB a Manufactured Home?

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2022



When my friend Jenna Hoover reached out to me about a lead on a Manufactured home lead I was excited to help!  Jenna is no novice investor.  Many of you might recognize her from the HGTV show Renovation Road.   Jenna's sweet spot is renovating historic homes however she wasn't sure what to do with this manufacture home!  

After a quick phone call we came to the conclusion that maybe it would make a great AirBNB.  The location was perfect for it!  In this interview, Jenna walks us through how she turned this manufactured home into cash flowing machine by using it as a STR (short term rental).  

There's a lot of great lessons in this video!  

Happy Investing!


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We all need to "REUP" from time to time!

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2021

What do you want to REUP?  New Strategies, Motivation, Connections, income streams? 

Whatever it is, get your fill at this upcoming event March 5th - 6th in Columbia, SC.  Hosted by real estate investor (and my husband) Noah Harris, the REUP is like quickly becoming a famously hot real estate event.  

All Star Lineup Includes: 
John Kitchens 
MeiLani Hock
Michael Glaspie
JoAnna Anderson
Jamie Miller
Mandie "Money" Anderson
Stephen Nagy
Jacob Barnhill
David Bergmann
Noah Harris (Host)
and Yes....I'll be there too! 

We are talking all things cash flow and multiple streams of income.  Raising Capital, Airbnb investment panel, creative financing panel, legacy building and more!  

This might look like a HUGE event but the REUP has limited seating.  Tickets will sell out and right now they are BOGO! Buy 1 Ticket and Get 1 Ticket Free.  
To learn more visit and reserve your seats visit...
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3 Steps for Finding And Working With An Accountability Partner

When it comes to personal growth or business growth there's always a need for accountability.   Setting goals and then holding ourselves accountable for hitting those goals sounds easy enough.  But is it?  

For years I talked about putting together an online real estate investing course. I started and stopped many times. Over and over again.  It wasn't until I found an accountability partner, that it actually happened.  

Getting back in shape, writing a book, increasing income, starting a business, whatever the goal may be, it's easy to procrastinate.  As someone who has had coaches, and who also coaches others,  I can't emphasize enough how beneficial it is to have additional support through accountability.  Holding yourself accountable is great but finding an accountability partner could be even better. 

Here are some tips for finding and working with an accountability partner.  

1.  Set...

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Art of Conscious Communication Inks New Deal with Christy Duckett

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2021

What do you call a fast talkin' girl from the South teaming up with a cool Englishman? Fire and Ice!  

That's exactly what happened this week when Jamie Miller signed rockstar performance and accountability coach Christy Duckett.  One could even say that Jamie Miller is the one on "fire" lately.  His company, Art of Conscious Communication is growing at a rapid pace.  Collaborating with Christy Duckett is a sign that there's no slowing down.  

Duckett, a real estate investor from South Carolina is well know for coaching other entrepreneurs and real estate investors throughout the Country.  Her no none-sense approach to business coaching, combined with the chaotic life of being a mother and wife, has created quite a following with other "Mom-Preneurs". Miller sees this as an opportunity to help more people.  Especially amongst women. 

Miller had this to say, "Art of Conscious Communication isn't just about...

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Retirement Accounts and Real Estate - I always get asked these questions...

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2021

Many of us are taught this...

"Go to school, get good grades, so that you can get a job with a retirement plan".

I coach so many students who have followed that plan.  But they fell short when it came to retirement.  Now they are faced with what to do with the amount that they've managed to save.  Investing in real estate makes sense, but how can they use those funds?  Can the EVEN use them?  Is there a penalty? What about taxes?

To help answer these questions I've asked an expert friend of mine, Amanda Holbrook, to join us on a webinar.  

September 1st at 7pm we will be virtually networking and talking all things "Real Estate and Retirement".

Amanda works with Specialized Trust Services and specializes in Self Directed Retirement plans.  Here's her quick bio...

- 13 Years + in the world of Self Directed IRAs
- Largest self directed firm in the country
- 5+ Years in turn-key real estate
- Ability to connect and simplify the self-directed...
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Parents Make Great Entrepreneurs. 3 Tips on Taking Your Skills at Home Into Your Business.

I just walked into the room only to find my nightstands had been knocked over and the mattress is half way on the box spring.  Sheets and blankets are nowhere to be found.  My three year old son is jumping on what's left of the bed and singing, "Ba ba black sheep have you any wool?"  It's only 6 pm and these kids are wound up like a couple of wild horses.  I just asked my husband if he could print out a real estate contract and he gave me a look as if I asked him to complete a mission to the moon. Oh, and I just made everyone tacos.   You're welcome.

Is it just my kids that are like this?  "No, no, it's because I have boys"  I tell myself.  My mom always said I was so busy as a child.  When I was a younger she would tell me how she couldn't wait for the day that I had kids.  Now I know what she meant.   My kids are just being how I was; it's in the DNA.  She wanted payback and she got it.  I shake...

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Columbia, SC Networking Event

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2021
REUP offers a unique opportunity to network and learn with local real estate investors and professionals. This is a FREE event.

About this event

Network, Learn, and Grow.

Come learn about real estate investing in a fun and friendly environment. Each event kicks off with networking and is followed up by an education session taught by an industry and/or local expert. New, experienced, or “soon to be” real estate investors are welcome. Refreshments are provided. Come as you are.

Upcoming Panel Topic: Sales and Negotiations with Communications Coach, Jamie Miller.

We can all get better when it comes to sales and negotiations!

  • How do you approach price with a seller?
  • How do you approach price with a buyer?
  • Are the questions you're asking actually KILLING your deals?
  • Is there a better way to build relationships with Contractors, Closing Attorneys, and Real Estate Agents and other real estate professionals?

Come Learn The Art of Conscious...

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Finding A Balance In Real Estate And Life With Christy Duckett-Harris

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2021

Supermom: Finding A Balance In Real Estate And Life With Christy Duckett-Harris - Full Transcript

On this show, I interview badass women real estate investors, women that are crushing it in the real estate investing space. My guestChristy DuckettHarris, is no exception. I’m super excited to have herI particularly love what she‘s going to talk about, which is being a mom and how you handle all of the things. We were talking about having kids that are on the spectrum and how you deal with that. I know a lot of you are busy women and mamas. You’re trying to say, “How do I do this well?” This is going to be the show for you. 

Christy is a real estate investor from South Carolina. She is heavily soughtafter for her knowledge of renovating houses, creating passive income and investing in mobile homes. She’s an award-winning coach...

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Free Real Estate Networking Event

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2021

Do you want to Network with other Real Estate Investors?  Join us at the REUP!  

July 7th at 6pm, Columbia, SC


Network, Learn, and Grow.

Come learn about real estate investing in a fun and friendly environment. Each event kicks off with networking and is followed up by an education session taught by an industry and/or local expert. New, experienced, or “soon to be” real estate investors are welcome. Refreshments are provided. Come as you are.

Upcoming Panel Topic: The Entrepreneur Mindset

On July 7th we will be joined by several local entrepreneurs as we discuss what it takes to succeed as a business owner. Real estate investing is a business just like anything else. Our Panel is made up of small business owners who are doing BIG things. You will recognize some of your favorite business owners and the brands that they've built.

Come hear their story! What challenges did they face? If they had to start all over what would they have done...

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